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About Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg is a pioneering healthcare organisation established 12 years ago in the Netherlands. It started with one team of four nurses and now has 950 teams and 10,000 nurses and nurse assistants providing more than half of Dutch home care.
At its heart is a nurse-led model of holistic care provided by self-managed neighbourhood teams – Buurtzorg is Dutch for Neighbourhood Care.

Teams are supported by regional coaches, an IT system that works because nurses were involved in designing it, and back office support designed around and dedicated to their needs.
The model has revolutionised health and social care in the Netherlands. Patient satisfaction rates are the highest of any healthcare organisation, impressive financial savings have been made and employee satisfaction is high.


Teams are self-managed, having professional freedom to decide how they organise the work, share responsibilities and make decisions with a simple and clear operational framework agreed with their organisation.

Not only has Buurtzorg grown as an organisation, it has also supported change in other health and social care providers, influenced major changes in the insurance and regulatory environments and extended its model into home care, mental health care and maternity and youth services.

The Buurtzorg group now employs more than 14,000 people and – in response to demand from all over the world – now supports change in a growing number of countries, including Britain and Ireland.

Buurtzorg in Britain and Ireland

Although the health and social care systems differ from the Netherlands, the challenges in the UK and Ireland are remarkably similar to those Buurtzorg was founded to overcome: ever increasing demand, spiralling costs, fragmented care models, inadequate outcomes and disillusioned staff teams.

We work with our clients to find solutions that work for them, and we have learnt from doing this in Britain since 2015 what works and what doesn’t.

We provide access to the experience of over 14,000 nurses and care givers in the Netherlands and to the Buurtzorg leaders, back office specialists and coaches who have proven expertise in the organisational changes required to support self-managed frontline teams.

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Highlights from our Buurtzorg Founder Visit

At the end of November we were honored to welcome Buurtzorg Nederland founders Jos de Blok and Gonnie Kronenberg and their foundation's supervisory board for two days of meetings with us in London. We explored progress in the Transforming Integrated Care in the...

Trust is a two-way street

“Too many eyes, not enough hands.” That is the quote – describing the children’s social work environment -- that resonated most at the London launch of A Blueprint for Children’s Social Care: Unlocking the potential of social work this week. The booklet, to which I...

Enabling Life Not a Service by Brendan Martin

“We want commissioners and providers to be inspired by all the creative providers … They are examples of how people are being given the opportunity to enable a life not a service.” So says Clenton Farquharson, chair of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), launching its...

The man who read his newspaper upside down By Paul Jansen

Aretta had been working with her client for a few days now. Jack was a typical case of a slightly lonely, elderly man in the London borough, with a range of support needs. Not seriously ill, just in need of some help every so often, and Aretta had become his ‘first...

Leadership for People Powered Health by Brendan Martin

What does ‘leadership’ mean as we shift from treating people as passive recipients of health and care services to building communities that support us all to live the best lives we can? That was the underlying theme – from my point of view, at least -- of the highly...

What could Buurtzorg do for social work? By Brendan Martin

Three or so years ago a senior social work manager in London contacted me and suggested we publish anonymously a blog he had written that began: “Freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked. One cannot have freedom without responsibility. Sadly, many health and...

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work. A Blog by Brendan Martin

May has been a month of perpetual motion for me, and as it comes to a close I realise it has brought growing evidence that my wonderful team and I are part of an unstoppable movement for change in the way we all support each other in our communities and at work. It is...

Health and Social Care Leaders Inspired by Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland held its Inspiration Workshop to an international audience of health and social care leaders in London last week. Building on the experience gained by working with NHS Trusts and local authorities across the country, the workshop was...

Support for Coaches

As part of the TICC programme, Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland and other UK partners have attended a Coaching Workshop in Utrecht delivered by Buurtzorg Netherlands. Buurtzorg breaks the usual mould of manager and a team of subordinates to replace it with the concept of...

The Buurtzorg Back Office by Paul Jansen

Buurtzorg, understandably, places a lot of emphasis on supporting the nursing or care professionals develop into successful, sustainable, self-managed teams. That is only part of the story; to be successful teams need an efficient and professional back office function...

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