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We have been out and about spreading the word about how Buurtzorg can drive radical change in the way health and social care is delivered, along with our partners in the TICC programme. 

COO Paul Jansen was speaking at the third international Aging Fit Conference in Lille, bringing together influential speakers and delegates to explore the latest innovations in the senior care market.   

The workshop explored the Buurtzorg Model of holistic care and the principle of keeping it simple and keeping it small and self-managed teams, coaches not managers and the wider infrastructure and IT support.  

Sharing learning so far from the international transformational change programme being supported by TICC, Paul was joined by Gertje Van Roessel from Buurtzorg Nederland, Peter Brooke from Kent Community Health Foundation Trust, Sian Dellaway from Kent County Council and Guillaume Alsac of Soignons Humains who are all partners in the programme. 

Through TICC, organisations are establishing this way of working in Belgium, France as well as the UK, where Kent County Council and Kent and Medway Community Health NHS Foundation Trusts are supported by Public World / Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland. 

Transforming Integrated Care in Community (TICC) is a European collaborative project aiming at adapting, deploying and evaluating an innovative organisational model for the home-based care and services sector in the 2Seas area (England, Belgium, Holland, France), relying on the “Buurtzorg” methodology. The latter has been implemented for more than 10 years in Holland. Buurtzorg is mainly about creating self-managed teams of 6 to 12 carers, working at a neighbourhood level. Results from this Dutch experimentation are meaningful: Improvement of carers’ life-balance, proximity and responsiveness, dignified care, prevention of dependency in  

Elderly and decrease in unplanned hospitalisations.