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Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland

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Working for caring places and healthy communities 

Unleashing creativity through self-managed teams

We bring the Buurtzorg model to Britain and Ireland, helping purpose-driven organisations produce great outcomes and enriched jobs in sustainable ways through self-managed teams.

Buurtzorg is Dutch for ‘Neighbourhood Care’ and has grown from a 2007 nurse-led start-up to providing excellent support to nearly 100,000 people today.

The results include top marks from the Dutch care inspectorate and winning the country’s Employer of the Year award six times, while reducing costs.

In partnership with our Dutch colleagues, we have supported change in more than 30 organisations in Britain and Ireland, spanning the NHS, local government, social enterprises and charities.

With promising results in health and social care, we now offer our services to leaders and professionals in other community-based settings too, including housing, children’s services and education.

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Buurtzorg Events

We are working on an amazing Webinar programme following the postponement of our conference – Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities, please check back soon or sign up for our newsletter above. 

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What’s Love Got To Do With it?

What’s Love Got To Do With it?

You have to be quite a courageous person to talk about love in a meeting. You have to be a really really courageous leader to talk about love in a meeting with other leaders! I’ve tried to do it quite a few times in various situations and very rarely does it land...

Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities – A new plan

Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities – A new plan

When my colleagues and I sat down towards the end of last year to plan our first national conference, little did we know that our chosen theme would have such life and death significance just three months later. We chose the title Caring Places – Building Healthy...

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