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Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland

Transforming health and social care

We bring the Buurtzorg model to Britain and Ireland, working with care providers and commissioners to enable the transition to self-managed neighbourhood teams providing holistic care and the organisational changes needed to support them.

We have a deep understanding of Buurtzorg and how it can transform care, combined with knowledge of the system and regulatory framework in Britain and Ireland. We are supporting many public and private sector partners to make changes inspired and informed by Buurtzorg’s hugh success in the Netherlands

Latest News

Leadership for People Powered Health by Brendan Martin

What does ‘leadership’ mean as we shift from treating people as passive recipients of health and care services to building communities that support us all to live the best lives we can? That was the underlying theme – from my point of view, at least -- of the highly...

What could Buurtzorg do for social work? By Brendan Martin

Three or so years ago a senior social work manager in London contacted me and suggested we publish anonymously a blog he had written that began: “Freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked. One cannot have freedom without responsibility. Sadly, many health and...

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work. A Blog by Brendan Martin

May has been a month of perpetual motion for me, and as it comes to a close I realise it has brought growing evidence that my wonderful team and I are part of an unstoppable movement for change in the way we all support each other in our communities and at work. It is...

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