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Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland

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Transforming health and social care

We bring the Buurtzorg model to Britain and Ireland, working with care providers and commissioners to enable the transition to self-managed neighbourhood teams providing holistic care and the organisational changes needed to support them.

We have a deep understanding of Buurtzorg and how it can transform care, combined with knowledge of the system and regulatory framework in Britain and Ireland. We are supporting many public and private sector partners to make changes inspired and informed by Buurtzorg’s hugh success in the Netherlands

Buurtzorg Events

We are working on an amazing Webinar programme following the postponement of our conference – Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities, please check back soon or sign up for our newsletter above. 

Latest News

Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities – A new plan

Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities – A new plan

When my colleagues and I sat down towards the end of last year to plan our first national conference, little did we know that our chosen theme would have such life and death significance just three months later. We chose the title Caring Places – Building Healthy...

The good old days . . .

The good old days . . .

Often, I hear my grandfather say that ‘it’s not like it was in my day’ as if that is a good thing. For me that conjures thoughts of world wars, rationing, coal mines, disease, tenements and a serious lack of technology. However, recently I have been aware of some...

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