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“We started working with different countries and discovered that the problems are the same. The message every time is to start again from the patient perspective and simplify the systems.” – Jos de Blok, founder Buurtzorg.

Buurtzorg is a pioneering healthcare organisation established 10 years ago with a nurse-led model of holistic care and self-managed teams that has revolutionised community care in the Netherlands.

Client (patient) satisfaction rates are the highest of any healthcare organisation. Staff commitment and contentedness is reflected in Buurtzorg’s title of Best Employer (4 out of the last 6 years). And impressive financial savings have been made.

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Buurtzorg in Britain and Ireland

Although our health and care systems are different, the challenges in the UK and Ireland are remarkably similar: ever-increasing demand, spiralling costs, fragmented care models, inadequate outcomes, disillusioned staff.

We bring the Buurtzorg model to Britain & Ireland and work with care providers of all backgrounds to address these challenges. Focusing on ‘first principles’ we find solutions that work with and within the system. We provide access to the experience of 14,000+ nurses and care-givers in the Netherlands, and a growing number of organisations and countries that have adopted the Buurtzorg way of working.

From our work with NHS organisations and local authorities evidence is already emerging of the effectiveness of the model in the UK context. Pilots are conducted across Britain and Ireland which are adding to the knowledge base of how to make the Buurtzorg model work over here.

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Our Services

Our core package of services helps you to understand the Buurtzorg model and supports you on your journey towards its implementation and becoming a full licensee. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Inspiration workshop, providing you with a good initial understanding of the model.
  2. Buurtzorg Academy, a three-step programme containing:
    1. Principles & Practice: giving you a detailed understanding of the model
    2. Study visit: see the model in operation in The Netherlands
    3. Making it happen: creating a plan for your specific situation
  3. Test & Learn: a small-scale implementation to test the model and find local solutions to local stumbling blocks.
  4. Up-scaling: supporting you in replicating the model on a wider scale.
  5. Full licence: rolling out the model across your organisation with the ongoing support of Buurtzorg and our Partner Network; with access to BuurtzorgWeb.

In addition, we can support you in addressing related organisational development issues, such as: self-managed teams in other contexts, the creation of social enterprises, change management and engagement, pilot evaluations, back office redesign, organisational development and IT solutions, business cases and business modelling.

Our Team

Brendan Martin

Brendan Martin

Managing Director Buurtzorg B&I

A journalist and broadcaster by background with a long track record of improving public sector services and working lives through the power of engaged employees.
Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen

Chief Operations Officer

Led, created and grew numerous social enterprises in health and social care. Combined with his Anglo-Dutch experience he is perfectly placed for bringing Buurtzorg to these isles.
Rachel Way

Rachel Way

Business Support Executive

An exceptional history in supporting mission-led organisations in their ambition to grow and have a bigger impact, Rachel provides the backbone of our organisation.
Jos de Blok

Jos de Blok

CEO Buurtzorg Nederland

Founder and CEO of Buurtzorg, a nurse, whose success story has spread around the globe. The RSA’s award of the 2014 Albert Medal has been just one of many accolades. Jos is passionate about spreading the model and is regularly in the UK for lectures and meetings with clients and nurses.
Gertje van Roessel

Gertje van Roessel

Director of Buurtzorg International

A nurse herself, now concentrates on her roles as Coach and as International Director. Gertje continues to enjoy working with front-line staff and is regularly involved in training and coaching of teams in Britain and Ireland.
Matt Gott

Matt Gott

Leadership and Change consultant

With extensive experience in leadership of major change, Matt supports leaders, practitioners and citizens in coming together and support the creation of better solutions in health and care.

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