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What People Say

‘Change is absolutely possible!’

‘It has been a challenging, thought provoking course, stretching me in ways I didnt expect and it has given me the experience and knowledge I need to apply to our local systems. It’s also enthused me and has made me realise that change is absolutely possible! . . .’

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‘Really in depth experience’

‘Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland are supportive and give you a really in depth experience Paul is particularly understanding and patient.’

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‘We feel empowered!’

‘As [pilot team] employees we feel empowered. We have been given the responsibility and opportunity to have a real impact on our customer’s lives, and this is something we are relishing. […] The impact on our customers and their families is immense. They feel closer to the Council through the contact they have with us. They are empowered by the IT application we use, which includes mechanisms for Customer and Family member feedback. They enjoy the level of ownership and flexibility they have in the care they receive.. . .’

Care worker, in a Buurtzorg pilot team

‘Benefits of growing strength, confidence and independence’

‘I would like to point out that I have been completely happy with the care the [team] have provided to my father […]. [Their] commitment to making sure my dad is not only comfortable, but observing him take his medication and has been willing to prepare his food have produced benefits of growing strength, confidence and independence.. . .’

Relative of customer receiving Buurtzorg inspired care

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